Freedom R8600 “The Hub”

The R8600 Radio Test Hub is designed to meet the demanding requirements of RF production environments. Able to withstand 150 Watts of continuous RF power input, the R8600 was explicitly engineered to provide a cost-effective solution for 24/7 manufacturing use. Once deployed, it requires minimal operator intervention beyond making the physical RF connections.


The Radio Test Hub provides reliable, easy-to-operate testing for manufacturers of LMR radios and other RF devices. It operates without an embedded display to make efficient use of manufacturing rack space in an ATE environment and features an expansive suite of scripting options including our native Monitor & Control language and HP8920 emulation. Powered by our Software Defined Radio architecture, the R8600 is ideal as both an upgrade to enable testing of modern digital radio technologies and for the production of analogue radios and RF devices.


Two units can fit side-by-side in a standard 19” rack. The units stand less than 4RU high. A backpack accessory is also available for portable use.

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Weight: 18 lbs
Dimensions: 6.2” H x 8.7” W x 17.3” D
Operating Temperature: 0º to 50ºC
Shock and Vibration Rating: MIL-PRF-28800F, Class 3
TCP/IP Command Methods: 8920 Emulation
R8000 scripting language
Remote control utility (provided)
RF Input: 150W continuous (24/7)
Timebase Stability: Aging: ±0.1ppm / year
Temperature.: ±0.01ppm
Frequency Range: 250kHz – 1GHz; Optional to 3GHz
Displayed Average Noise Floor: -140dBm
Residual FM: 4Hz, 300Hz to 3kHz (<1GHz)
5Hz, 300Hz to 3 kHz (> 1GHz)
Phase Noise (20kHz Offset): -95dBc/Hz max < 1GHz (15° – 35°C)
-93dBc/Hz max all freqs. (0° – 50°C)
Power Meter Range 0.1W – 150W across all frequencies
Presets available: >1000
Optional Test Modes: DMR (MOTOTRBO™), NDXN, NXDN Type C Trunking, dPMR, P25 Phase 1 (Conventional and Trunked), P25 Phase 2, TETRA handset, PTC (ITCR)
Warranty: 3 Years Standard
5-year service plans optional