What we offer

hire_waterRadio Hire

Whether you need a few radios or a hundred; and whether you need them for a day or a year; we have a range of two-way radios available for hire on flexible short and long term contracts. Our two-way radio hire service can cover your event requirements. We can provide basic back to back two-way radios for on-site or wider area boosted systems.

We can support your specific requirements such as base stations, repeaters, additional batteries, headsets with installation engineer if required.

We offer flexible contract terms to suit your needs.

Short Term Two Way Radio Hire

Typical applications:
– Motor racing
– Horse racing
– Summer fetes
– Carnivals
– Regattas
– Air displays

Two-way radios keep your team in touch and make for smooth operation and safety for both organisers and the public.

Long Term Two Way Radio Rental

Our long term contracts are designed to cover rental periods that range from one year to five years. They’re designed to provide a cost-effective solution for companies with limited budgets who nonetheless require the logistical benefits that two-way radios offer. With our expansive range of two-way radios and equipment, coupled with our extensive industry and product knowledge, organising a high-tech logistics and communication solution for your business has never been easier.


Maintenance Contracts

A range of maintenance contracts and services are available to ensure that your equipment meets the manufacturer’s specification, Ofcom License compliant and ensure ongoing reliable communications. These maintenance contracts can be tailored to each customer’s requirements and can vary from an annual check at our workshops for portable equipment to regular site visits and testing of base station infrastructure. Handportable maintenance contracts include lifetime replacement batteries.

Equipment Configuration and Programming

Modern digital radio equipment is a wealth of features and we will configure to utilise those functions most effective for customers needs whilst keeping operation simple for users.  This is achieved by working together with the customer and users right from the outset.
Bespoke Solutions
We take building blocks in different communications technologies and build interactive systems to expand and extend different communications platforms and interface to other technologies.


Base Station and Repeater Installations
Two-way radio base station and repeater installations are carried out by our specialist team who are trained to a high standard and work within the FCS guidelines.
Mobile Radios in Vehicles Installation
Our vehicle installers pride themselves in the quality of their work from years of experience.  Equipment is placed safely & wiring inconspicuous.


After Sales Support and Warranty

We believe that our after-sales support is the essence of our relationship with customers. Once you have received your equipment or your equipment has been installed, we are at hand to support you.
We provide telephone support should you have any queries or initial problems with using your equipment.
Warranty repairs are carried out in our workshops where appropriate, to ensure that your equipment is back with you as soon as possible.