£895.00 ex Vat (£1,074.00, Inc Vat)

MCA05 Battery optimising system



MCA05 Battery optimising system.

1) Able to charge six batteries or six radios with batteries attached simultaneously;

2) Easy access to battery information with the LCD;

3) Charging/discharging and battery capacity detection;

4) Protection against overtemperature, overvoltage and overcurrent;

5) Workable with different radios by replacing the pocket(sold separately);

6) Able to recondition battery,detect the battery single use time and cycle times;
Input voltage: 12VDC/7A;
Charge current: 1000mA (per pocket);
Operating temperature: 0~40℃;
Dimension: 524mm(L)*218mm(W)*103mm(H);
Weight: 1.8Kg.

for large-scale groups and labor-intensive activities. Also ideal for dealers and persons at Repair Centers who need to charge/discharge, maintain or recondition batteries for end user.
Compatible Radios:
PD50X,PD60X,PD70X,PD78X,PD70X Ex,PD78X Ex,PD79X Ex,PT580H,PT580H Ex,X1e,X1p,TC-700,TC-710,TC-780,TC-780M,TC-700P
TC-500S, TC-446S,TC-510, TC-508,TC-518,TC-560,TC-580,TC-585,POWER245,TC-610,TC-620,POWER446,TC-610P,TC-610S,TC-880GM, TC-890GM